The mold - manufactured according to CAD

Everything starts with the construction of the board itself. We take the upper- and the lower- surface of the Board and extend it to get the mold surfaces. So the mold has the exact same shape like the desired board.


The Standard-Mold is perfect for beginners who want to build their own wooden fingerboard. Below on this page you find general information regarding the structure of our molds.


Follow this link to learn more about which dimensions of the board:


The Custom-Mold is engineered for advanced and professional users - and of course for everyone who ever wanted to design and build a unique personal board. 


Follow this link to learn from which dimensions and properties you can choose and how to use the mold-configurator:


The mold is a combination of plastic-material and metal. The shells between which the wood is pressed is made from plastic for a perfect surface. For the best possible stiffness the bottom and the top is made from metal.



If you have ever tried making your own board, you know that it is real hard to draw an all over equal board contour on the blank wood. We solved this problem: the upper side of the mold has the outline-contour included. These contour getting pressed lightly in the upper side of the blank wood.


If you don´t want to use the standard shape you can easily sand it away.

Truck holes

Usually its just as difficult to drill the holes in the board symmetrically and with the right distance to each other. Because of that the mold can be used as drill pattern. Before demolding the wood, use the 8 pilot holes in the mold to drill the holes for the trucks with as much precision as possible.