Here you see the Custom-Mold-Configurator and from which dimensions and properties you can choose by ordering a custom-mold. Down below on the page you can download the Configurator-file in case the Online-Tool does not work on your device.



you can type in decimal numbers by using a point not a comma (for example: 33.5 mm).

You can choose from these dimensions and properties

Length & width

Nose & tail


distance Wheels

outline with/without

You can choose if you want to have the outline included in the mold or not. If not, you can draw it afterwards by hand or using separate templates.


Two different board styles are available. What do you like more: classic- or old-school-boards? Choose it!

Downloading the file:

In case the online tool above on this site does not work on your device, you can load the excel file here.

1. download the file and open in microsoft excel
2. type in different dimensions in the blue boxes till you find a shape you like
3. fill in your name in the blue box in the upper left corner
4. save the file als PDF or picture
5. order a Custom-Mold in the webshop and wait till you get your order confirmation via email
6. send the PDF to us
7. we will engineer, build your mold and send it to you
* the mold-configurator is in beta-status. If you find any bug, please give us your feedback.
Microsoft Excel Table 805.1 KB


You can print the excel-sheet in scale 1:1 to get a real good impression how you board will look like.

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