dimensions of the standard-mold

The following drawings shows dimensions of the boards made from a standard-mold. Down below on this page you can download the data sheet.


Length & width

Length: 98 mm

Width: 32 mm

Nose & tail

Winkel Nose: 24°

Length Nose: 18 mm


Winkel Tail: 24°

Length Tail: 18 mm


Height Concave: 2 mm

Length Concave: 36 mm

distance Wheels

distance wheels: 52 mm

included outline


Datasheet standard-mold

data sheet standard-mold
This data sheet shows all dimensions of the standard-mold clearly arranged. You can print the data sheet in scale 1:1 to get a real good impression how you board will look like.
Adobe Acrobat Document 143.0 KB

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