Can I pay in Dollar - or other Currency?

We are shipping our products worldwide, so OF COURSE you can pay in EVERY OTHER CURRENCY. Please choose either Paypal or credit card as Payment option while the checkout process in the shop.

How can i change the prices in Dollar or other currency?

There are two options to see the prices in dollar:

1. option (easiest option):

ask google about the price. type in "89,95 EUR in dollar" --> google will tell you that it is "101,61 usd"

2. option: 

Put all the products in the shopping-cart you want to order and go to checkout and choose PayPal or credit card. Then you will be directed to your PayPal or credit card website which shows the price in your currency. Don't be afraid, you see that price BEFORE you finish the order.

do I get a parcel tracking Code?

Yes, every order (national and international) gets a parcel tracking code. You will get an automatic tracking code once your parcel has left the office.

What is the difference between the Standard and the Custom mold?

The standard-mold-kit contains is mold-kit for making fingerboards in common measurements and shape. This kit contains everything you need to build your first 3 decks and it is a good start to get used to making Fingerskateboards. The custom-mold-kit is a fingerboard-mold which can be designed according to your needs and style. You can choose from more than 10 measurements and options. Designing is easy with our custom-mold-configurator.

How can i order a product from this website?

Visit our shop by clicking here and put the Products you want to order in your shopping-cart. At the checkout you can choose if you want to order via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. If you choose PayPal or credit card, you will be directed to the third party site from PayPal or Stripe (credit card) where you can finish your purchase. If your currency is not EURO, the price in your currency will appear on these third party sites before you finish the order..

What concrete should i choose for building ramps?

Click here to see the latest instructions about building ramps.