Easy to Use

Usually its hard to make your own concrete ramps. With our molds its so easy that everybody can do it. 

Fill up the Silicone liner with concrete - wait till it is cured -then demold it. Thats it! 

See the full instruction HERE

You decide...

...what kind of park you wanna build. Maybe a small Miniramp, a street-style skatepark or maybe a big Bowl. 

best surface

If you ever had the chance to ride on concrete ramps, you never want to ride on other surfaces. The Concrete-Mold make your ramps super smooth and glossy. Like real concrete parks!

Silcon is the key

No other material can secure such a good ramp surface finish and awesome details like build-in coping and more...

split mold frame

Since the silicone liner is very flexible, there is a multi-part-frame which makes the mold rigid. So every molded ramp is 100% identical with the others. 

works with

...every concrete you get in your hardware store. It works best with self leveling concrete. 

Click HERE to see how to choose the best concrete.

Step by Step

Your Concrete-Mold comes with an easy to understand  instruction  which contains the following steps:

1. Pour some Concrete Ramps with your Mold

2. Arrange the ramps on the base

3. glue it

4. Pour the flat between the ramps

5. Seal the concrete

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