With this Mold, you can build 3 different sizes of quarters and a matching table (if you choose Full-Kit): 

  • standard quarter with coping - height: 12 cm
  • small quarter - height: 9 cm 
  • vertramp - heigth: 17 cm (Full-Kit or separate table-mold needed)
  • you can also build a matching table for all of these quarters (Full-Kit or separate table-mold needed)



Basic-Kit comes with:

  • multi-part frame, rigid 
  • silicone liner, flexible (for standard quarter, height 12 cm)
  • mold inlay for building small quarters
  • set of srews and clamps
  • step-by-step instruction (including: which concrete to use and how to mix concrete correctly)


Full-Kit contains the same as Basic Kit plus:

  • additional TABLE-MOLD for building tables and vert-quarters
  • additional MOLD-INLAY for building a roll-in
  • mold-release spray
  • Ramp-Glue (150 kg/m²)
  • Concrete Sealing for best surface finish
  • 2m Connection Pad (enough for two miniramps)
  • sanding sponge for concrete edge finishing

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Start building concrete Parks like nobody does! You can build the finest concrete Quarters out there in the EASIEST way* out there!


works like all the other ramp molds: Click here to see how it works.