This set includes:

  • Fingerboard-Mold  with standard-Shape
  • Set of screws
  • Template (for sanding the contour)
  • Veneer for 3 Boards
  • Wood glue
  • Instruction
  • Boardgraphic (example)
  • 3 x griptape

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Length & width

Length: 98 mm

Width: 32 mm

Nose & tail

Angle Nose: 24°

Length Nose: 18 mm


Angle Tail: 24°

Length Tail: 18 mm


Height Concave: 2 mm

Length Concave: 36 mm

distance Wheels

distance wheels: 52 mm


included outline

The outline makes an imprint on the wood so you can easily cut it out in the correct shape.

Truck holes

Use the pilot holes for drilling exact truck holes in your board.


Standard Molds provide a classic shape.

Datasheet standard-mold

dimension data sheet - standard-mold
This data sheet shows all dimensions of the standard-mold. You can print the data sheet in scale 1:1 to get a real good impression how you board will look like.
Adobe Acrobat Document 143.0 KB


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