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Atomic fingerboards


Sebastian Manzano Brito

This is Sebastian Monzano Brito from Santiago de Chile. He created the label ATOMIC FINGERBOARDS in 2019. With his talent and the support of his brother, he quickly managed to produce perfect boards, establish a brand and build up a team. 


Sebastian started with a single standard mold kit and now has several molds to meet the demand for his boards.


To support the local scene, his doors are open on every Saturday. There you can ride one of the fantastic parks, have a chat or buy an awesome ATOMIC board. 


And please watch out for his videos, they are brilliant. Click here to see the one we like the most.



instagram: @atomicfingerboard


facebook: atomicfingerboard

youtube: atomicfingerboard




Stan Fynaerts

This is Stan Fynaerts and he is the master when it comes to splitply-boards. He really knows how to work with the scalpel. Visit his instagram to see what I mean. Its always mindblowing for us when Stan sends us photos of his latest creations. Always the first thought: "how the heck did he do that...?!


Stan is from Antwerp Belgium and he is pretty young considering the experience he has in board building. He formed his label SFFINGERBOARDS in 2018 when he was only 14 years old. 


Look out for his newest project: splitply-fingerboards which are made out of recycled skateboards! 


Keep it up, Stan!


(If you wanna buy a SFFINGERBOARD, just write Stan a message on instagram)


instagram: @sffingerboards 




This is POSSESSED and Pawel from Poland is the Guy behind it. If you take a look at his instagram, you will immediately see his high focus on details. Not only his boards, but also his photos are always on point.


Believe me, scroll his feed and you'll find a board you will never forget! Just one example: with his swirl logo boards in different colors (logo and veneer) he has created a really classic design that everyone would probably like to have.


Pawel told me that POSSESSED will do more spooky and occult-themed boards in the future - we can't wait to see that. 


instagram: @possessed_fb

webshop: PossessedFB on etsy


Bottom Up FB


Keith & Caillen

BOTTOM UP FB was founded by Keith and Caillen in Toronto, Canada in late 2017. It's a real family business since Keith and Caillen are father and son. They first started with one of our standard-mold-kits, but now they have different molds to build their boards.


Since Keith has an artistic and graphic background, it is important to him to explore many creative applications for their decks. They created decks using an inkjet printer, screen printing, hand / spray painting, hot pressed vinyl, etc. to make sure they achieved the most unique technique for their decks.


Visit BOTTOM UP INDIE FB on instagram or facebook to see what can be created from a good relationship between father and son. 


If you want to buy one of these highly professional boards, click here.